Now you can accept checks without the worry and hassle of bounced payments. eBanking Check Guarantee ensures that you are paid on all your checks - even the returned ones.

Are you turning business away because you donít want to deal with bad checks and the collection hassles that go with them? If you have a "NO CHECKS ACCEPTED" policy, thatís exactly what youíre doing - turning away possibly valid business because of a few rotten apples.

Grow Your Sales and Profits

Now, you can increase your sales - and profit - by following a basic set of procedures when accepting checks from your customers. And you can rest assured that youíll receive your payments, as easily as you currently get your credit card settlement!

Checks continue to be one of the most popular forms of payment with consumers. Despite predictions of the demise of the check, its usage is increasing year after year. With eBanking Check Guarantee, you can accept checks with confidence.

How Check Guarantee Works

When the check writer presents his check, the clerk submits the item to the eBanking's Check Verification service, which utilizes the National Check Network (NCN) database. This database contains the recent transaction history for more than 42 million known check writers, and will flag you to identify potential fraud risks such as high check volume or accounts with unpaid returned checks. When the check is authorized, the clerk simply stamps it with the self-inking stamp that we provide for you, and has the check writer sign the authorization. It's that simple!

The authorization allows eBanking to collect electronically any checks that are returned through our CRS Check Collections system. As a result, we attempt to collect for you even items that arenít authorized for eBanking Check Guarantee coverage. In essence, we will handle ALL your check processing needs and concerns for you seamlessly from beginning to end, at no additional cost. The face amount of the check will be returned to you, and we are paid from any returned item fee that we collect from the check writer.